Street Duckz are 555 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Our team exists out of 3 passionated guys who have been in crypto for some time. We started this project to keep up with the trend around NFTs. We know from each other what we are capable of. Join the Duckz!


So you got some duckz, ha! They make you 5 $DUCK a day, visit our staking platform and get your duck to work and start earning some $DUCK. Tokenomics can be found in our Discord server.

Q1 2022

Launching our 555 Street Duckz. After launch we will be listed on ME and Moonrank. Adding a sales-bot to DC. Making a smart contract called $DUCK will be used as utility. Releasing sneak-peeks of the female collection.

Q2 2022

Launching our second collection (female duckz). Sneak-peeks of our Sandbox world (Economy Game). In-game currency is going to be $DUCK. Developing beta-staking. Street Duck holder will receive daily/weekly airdrops.

Q3 2022

Introducing the Street Duckz breeding page on our website. Releasing sneak-peeks of the breeding incubators. Releasing the drop-rates of the Baby Duckz. Launching Street Duckz merchandise (Free for holders).

Q4 2022

More information will be announced soon. We think we have to focus on our short-term plans first and after accomplishing those we can take further steps with the community. Please follow us to stay tuned.

Friendly Duck

Chess is an 18- year-old formal student at the University of Groningen. I have a big passion for crypto and mostly NFTs.

Daddy Duck

Arif is an 18-year-old formal student who lives in Holland. He studies at the University of Amsterdam. And has a huge interest in the new world of Digital Art. 

Baby Duck

Tim is 20 years old. School dropout that started his own business in e-commerce. Now he is a 6 figure business owner and always open for new challanges.


This will be announced shortly! We are almost sure that we will launch in April 2022.


Street Duckz (our first collection) is listed on ME, Street Chickz will be listed on ME too!


The public and presale mint price is going to be the sale as Street Duckz, 0.29 SOL.


Questions about promotions, partnerships or anything else: streetduckz@gmail.com

Street Duckz | 2022